Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hey Tiger, for the love of the game PLEASE win one.

Two years ago on Thanksgiving day, Tiger Woods world was turned upside down. Every secret and female Tiger had hidden was now out in the open to not just golf fans, but the world. I for one was not surprised by the revelations of the months that followed. As a golfer, Tiger was fantastic, but as a role model he was a disgrace. Every shot Tiger hit awry, he let go an F word or an S word as his club landed in the pond or broke over his knee. That unfaithful Thanksgiving day was a blessing in disguise.

Let me preface the rest of this article by saying, I by no means condone what Tiger has done in his past or the actions that followed in the way that Tiger is still very egotistical.

That being said Tiger, the game needs you, the PGA needs you, the US Open needs Tiger Woods like a child needs its teddy bear. After watching the last three days of the US Open, I have come to this conclusion for one reason. No one in the field this year has a chance at winning this major and follow it up with multiple wins afterwards to stay on top of not only the golf world, but in the hearts of America. The PGA needs Tiger to win for the very reason of popularity. Many golfers have tried. I am personally a huge fan of Phil Mickleson, a family man, a role model, and o yea...Phil is +9 at the Open. Bubba Watson tried as well, O yea he and Rory Mcilroy missed the cut. As much as I would love to say any of these three men are going to kick back into gear and become golfs new heart throb, but that simply won't happen. These golfers have had two years to do it and the PGA has slowly slid in sports ratings.

In closing, the PGA's only chance at having a feel good story this year is on the shoulders of Tiger Woods. Tiger is still in very reachable distance to win the US Open on one of the hardest courses on the tour. Do it for golf Tiger, roar back with your fiery passion and amazing shots. No we won't be as obsessed with you as before, No you won't be the poster child you once were, but yes we will look past your stumbles in life for now and celebrate an amazing comeback with you determining passion you carry every tournament. Please don't curse along the way, trust me, that will help you in the long run. I know people still despise Tiger for what he has done and I would agree with them 100% in a discussion of morals. However, this isn't about morals, its about the popularity and face of a game that needs its consistency back and a good story line. That's the way I see it.


Friday, June 15, 2012

Commissioner Stern...Really?!

David Stern has been the commissioner of the National Basketball Association since 1984. In that time, Stern has conducted himself and his league in a relatively fair manner. Never putting the NBA in bad light and always being a very good interview. As far back as I can remember, David Stern has been my favorite commissioner of the three big leagues in North America (MLB, NFL, NBA). Now remember, no commissioner's slate will be clean, everyone has their controversies. I can take controversies within the league i.e. lockouts, suspensions, etc.., but the ONE THING a commissioner should be able to do, is professionally answer a controversial question without looking like a complete five year old.

Earlier this week, Jim Rome posed a question to Stern on his Radio show about the lockout being rigged. This has been a longtime speculation by many close to the NBA so the question seems logical except that no one has the guts to ask about the big elephant in the room. Leave it to Rome to go ahead and ask about said elephant. Usually Rome is very up front and seems rude at times within his show and I for one have never been a big fan, but for once, Rome did a great job prefacing the question to Stern. What was Sterns response? "Uh...I'm going to answer that two ways..." followed by, "Have you stopped beating your wife?".
The fact that Stern back tracked so fast tells me something is fishy in the NBA front office. But for a commissioner to take a personal shot at a journalist is beyond unprofessional! Rome handled himself as best he could for the rest of the interview. After some research, I found no evidence of Rome having any kind of domestic abuse issues and this is clearly a commissioner being surprised by a question and reacting like an adolescent.

Following the interview, the NBA released an ever more adolescent press release, backing the commissioner  because it was a "loaded question". Of course it was a loaded question, your league is under speculation for stroking the ego's of the new owner for the Hornets, a team that the NBA owns. And, after your commissioner made a fool of himself, the league follows suit. It shouldn't surprise us that Stern reacted this way, this is the same man who doesn't seem to mind that college kids who only attend college one year before going to the NBA receive zero education above high school, which makes for some very immature press conferences in the post season simply because the player never attended a public speaking class.

Commissioner Stern, go back to school and learn how to handle a tough question, take your athletes with you, Lord knows they need it too. Your run as NBA commissioner took a very ugly turn last week and those of us that have an education in journalism didn't appreciate it. That's how I see it.



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