Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hey Tiger, for the love of the game PLEASE win one.

Two years ago on Thanksgiving day, Tiger Woods world was turned upside down. Every secret and female Tiger had hidden was now out in the open to not just golf fans, but the world. I for one was not surprised by the revelations of the months that followed. As a golfer, Tiger was fantastic, but as a role model he was a disgrace. Every shot Tiger hit awry, he let go an F word or an S word as his club landed in the pond or broke over his knee. That unfaithful Thanksgiving day was a blessing in disguise.

Let me preface the rest of this article by saying, I by no means condone what Tiger has done in his past or the actions that followed in the way that Tiger is still very egotistical.

That being said Tiger, the game needs you, the PGA needs you, the US Open needs Tiger Woods like a child needs its teddy bear. After watching the last three days of the US Open, I have come to this conclusion for one reason. No one in the field this year has a chance at winning this major and follow it up with multiple wins afterwards to stay on top of not only the golf world, but in the hearts of America. The PGA needs Tiger to win for the very reason of popularity. Many golfers have tried. I am personally a huge fan of Phil Mickleson, a family man, a role model, and o yea...Phil is +9 at the Open. Bubba Watson tried as well, O yea he and Rory Mcilroy missed the cut. As much as I would love to say any of these three men are going to kick back into gear and become golfs new heart throb, but that simply won't happen. These golfers have had two years to do it and the PGA has slowly slid in sports ratings.

In closing, the PGA's only chance at having a feel good story this year is on the shoulders of Tiger Woods. Tiger is still in very reachable distance to win the US Open on one of the hardest courses on the tour. Do it for golf Tiger, roar back with your fiery passion and amazing shots. No we won't be as obsessed with you as before, No you won't be the poster child you once were, but yes we will look past your stumbles in life for now and celebrate an amazing comeback with you determining passion you carry every tournament. Please don't curse along the way, trust me, that will help you in the long run. I know people still despise Tiger for what he has done and I would agree with them 100% in a discussion of morals. However, this isn't about morals, its about the popularity and face of a game that needs its consistency back and a good story line. That's the way I see it.


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  1. Tiger Woods is a man trying to hang onto all the sponsorship he has left. Golf is becoming a younger man's game. Even though Rory McEnroe was cut from the US Open there is another young player rising in the ranks: Rickie Fowler. Fowler is at the US Open and is tied Phil Mickelson. Tiger Woods came into the game in 1996 but his skill and achievements did not blow up until 2000 after 6 consecutive wins. Give these kids time and they can blow pass Tiger Woods. Tiger may have been the face of the game for twelve years but that is about to change with new generation of pros. This kids are great players and have to self control to play the game as a professional on and off the green.

    (Side Note: How do you feel about Graeme McDowell, the Irish pro who won Pebble Beach two years ago? He is all the talk and in the lead in the US Open currently.)