Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Goodbye Chipper

I'm suppose to have a clever reason why I haven't posted in a while right? While I don't have a witty reason, I do have a good one. When homecoming hits any college campus, be it Divisions I, II, II or NAIA, things get a little crazy! The past two weeks have been filled with me madly dashing to create graphics and prepare a staff to deliver a wonderful production to all West Georgia Wolves fans. If you were at the game, I hope you enjoyed, if you were trying to watch the game on live stream....I tried. My bad.

Anyway, I have been an absent blogger during a chock full sports month. I did however have the opportunity to watch Chipper Jones' last regular season game at the Ted. Bobby Cox began the fading memories of my childhood last year when the number 6 walked off into Braves lore. My dad lost his Braves craze when the Braves stopped making the playoffs and barely won a game in October. So in salute to my father, you called it old man, Chipper went out the exact way you called it, collapsing in October. As much as I would have loved to see Chipper go off in glory, he went the exact way I thought he would, peaceful and early in the month of October.

Chipper, you were the one player in baseball that I have respected for sticking with his team throughout the good and bad. You kept my interest in the Braves through 22 years of watching baseball with my father. You were the man for a long time in Atlanta and Braves country will always chop even after you are gone. Although the season ended in an epic failure by umpire Sam Holbrook, the Braves lost due to an error filled game that could have easily been avoided, following my dad's normal prediction that the Braves crash and burn in October.

In reaction to the blown infield fly call....stay tuned in the next few days, I'm currently working on a post simply to idiot fans.

Until then, work hard, party harder and watch sports.

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