Sunday, September 9, 2012

Don't give me a number until I've actually done something.

According to Yahoo Sports, the University of Tennessee Volunteers are now ranked #23 in the nation. Why?! The Vols have played an overhyped NC State team that fell flat on their face. The men in orange then played the daunted....wait for it...Georgia State Panthers. Tennessee started 2-0 in 2011 and Bray looked fantastic then as well. Barring Justin Hunter going down again against Florida this Saturday in Knoxville, it seems the Vols have the talent to top the Gators and prove their No. 23 ranking.

After watching the Georgia Bulldogs last night, the Bulldogs defense looks dangerous. SEC teams need to game plan around their mountain of a D-line. Missouri's welcoming committee to the SEC was interrupted by the Georgia defense. Once again, Aaron Murray looked overrated as usual, but of course Georgia fans think he's the second coming of Christ. Anyone remember him falling apart against Michigan State in their bowl game last year? Yea that's what I though.

Well, this was a short post, but one that needed to be mentioned after I was shocked that the Vols were ranked for the first time since 2008. As proud as I am of the Volunteers, I am very cautious of the weeks that loom ahead of the Vol Navy and company.

Wolves update: As everyone may or may not know, after graduating from the University of West Georgia, I landed a job at the university creating graphics and directing the video scoreboard team along with my boss. West Georgia has been a team on the rise in Division II rankings the past four years, but this year just has a different feel to the atmosphere. Last night, after a long evening and team becoming fatigued, the Wolves pulled out a 9 point win over Tusculum. Thanks to a wonderful field goal by Davis Brackett, the Wolves kicked into gear in the second half and finished off the Pioneers. Our team gets the next three weeks off as the Wolves hit the road, but I will be tuning into my radio and computer during those weeks to watch the Wolves develop on the field.

Today's photo is brought to you by the starter of the Tennessee Volunteers during the 2008 football season, Jonathan Crompton. Crompton was cut in August by the Washington Redskins and at the end of the 2008 season, Phillip Fulmer was released from the university. Just to put things in perspective.


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