Friday, September 7, 2012

I love this Industry! O yeah..and everyone chill out!

Yes I know, it has literally been forever. Since landing my new job with ITS at UWG and preparing for football season to begin, I have not even thought about a blog or anything close to writing. However, while researching the 1982 National Champion West Georgia Braves football team for graphic ideas, I ran across a quote that inspired me. In an interview after Media Day a few years back, the voice of the West Georgia Wolves, Mitch Gray said, “No matter what end of the business you are talking about -- whether it be radio, print, video, social media, public relations -- the one common thread everything has is writing." This coming from a man who has spent his life working in media, naturally would inspire me to get back to writing.

A little bit about Mitch Gray, a household name in the West Georgia region, has been the play by play announcer for close to 30 years. His booming voice can be heard on Saturdays here in Carrollton, GA announcing West Georgia Wolves football on the Wolves Sports Network. Mitch's story in itself is very unique. His play by play calls are amazing, his voice lights up my the control room I sit in for each game. We have Mitch specifically wired into the control room to make sure the listeners on the live online stream hear the voice of the Wolves. This man has a phenomenal voice and it is a blessing to the community that he stayed in the West Georgia area for all these years. Each time I walk into the athletic building, I always give a passing "Hey Mitch" if I see him. The man could meet you for the first time and talk to you like he's known you since you were a child.

Now, onto my topic for today. Everyone should know by now that I am a major fan of the Tennessee Volunteers. Last Friday night, after many speculated the Vols would fall to the NC State Wolfpack, Tyler Bray and Co. dropped back and laid the hammer down in the Georgia Dome. JuCo receiver Cordarrelle Patterson had two touchdowns, erasing any doubt that he could be as productive as former Vol Da'Rick Rodgers was during his time in Nashville. Immediately after the game, I was getting texts from friends how  Tennessee could be the second best team in the SEC. I wanted to turn my phone off so bad. I hate that after one game, so much hype is stirred about. It's one game! Yes, it was fantastic. Yes, we as Tennessee fans needed to see the boys in orange mean business in 2012, but let these young men have a chance to prove it week in and week out before the newspapers start writing how big of a "bust" this team is if they even lose one or two games. Its the SEC, everyone stay calm until after the Florida game. After the Florida game, I can either be proven correct that the hype of this years Vols was too much, or I will happily jump up and down like a kid at Christmas. My hate for the Gators is the greatest of all sports rivalries.

Side Note: Living in Carrollton, GA, while its a great place to start my career in this beautiful city its not exactly "Vol" friendly. As I was complaining last week how I couldn't watch my Vols on TV, my girlfriend reminded me that there is this thing called radio. I soon tuned into Bob Kesling on GoVols Extra online radio broadcast and fell back in love with listening to the game. I became so spoiled of watching the Volunteers that I forgot how surreal it feels to have someone else tell you about the game. I remember when I was just a runt, my dad used to turn down the television and turn on the radio volume so we could watch the game and listen to John Ward and Co. on the Vol Network. Ward has long since left the booth, but Kesling does a fine job and listening to his call on Friday night brought back memories of my childhood and watching some amazing games, but a sense that I was there at the dome watching the men from Knoxville simply because Bob Kesling was telling me about it.

Yes, I rambled during this post and spoke a lot about broadcasting and my love for the industry, but hey you did read a blog from a guy who has a communications degree, get used to it. If you like it, love it or hate it, let me know! Until next time, Go Wolves and Go Vols!

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